FMH Heavy Duty Hotplates conform to the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and are manufactured to the highest standards with the following

features :-

* Heavy Duty top *

* Asbestos free insulation *

* Continuously variable heat

control by means of an energy

regulator *

* Digital models –

* Tubular stainless steel sheathed

heating element *

* Heater on indicating lamp *

* Robust epoxy coated housing *

* Two year warranty *

* Comprehensive operating

manual *

Special requirements on request.

1) Thermostatic controlled units

for more precise temperature

control ~ +50 to 310ºC

and for use with sand bath

*HD Tops up to 600x450mm*

*Asbestos free insulation*

*Energy control models up to 380ºC*

*Thermostat models 50 to 310ºC*

*Two year warranty*

*Digital models 50 to 380ºC