FMH Mini Hotplates conform to the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and are manufactured to the highest standards with the following features :-

* High grade (304) stainless top *

* Spillage lip on front (MPH180

models only) *

* MHP140&180 – Continuously

variable heat control by means

of a energy regulator *

* MHP180H – Temperature control

by means of a thermostat *

* MHP180D – Temperature control

by means of a Digital controller for precise temperature control *

* Tubular stainless steel sheathed

heating element *

* Heater on indicating lamp *

* Front panel on/off switch *

* Robust epoxy coated housing *

* Two year warranty *

* Comprehensive operating manual *


1) Sand bath attachment

for MHP180H & D models only

*Stainless Tops up to 180x180mm*

*Spillage lip (180 models only)*

*Digital control models up to 400ºC*

*Energy control models up to 420ºC*

*Thermostat models 40 to 300ºC*

*Two year warranty*