The motorized lifting table significantly simplifies the charging of the high-temperature furnaces LHT ../.. LB (Speed). The heating all around the cylindrical furnace chamber provides for an optimal temperature uniformity. For the tabletop models LHT 01/17 LB Speed and LHT 02/17 LB Speed the charge can be placed in charge saggars made of technical ceramics. Up to three charge saggars can be stacked on top of each other resulting in a high productivity.

Standard Equipment

  • Tmax 1650 °C
  • High-quality heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide offer very good protection against chemical interaction between charge and heating elements
  • Exclusive use of insulation materials without categorization according to EC Regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity thanks to three (LHT 02/17 LB Speed) or four-sided (LHT 01/17 LB Speed) heating of the furnace chamber
  • Furnace chamber with a volume of 1 or 2 liters, table with large floor space
  • Precise, motorized toothed belt drive of the table with button operation
  • Exhaust air vent in the roof
  • Type S thermocouple
  • Controller P580 (50 programs with each 40 segments)
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive


Model Tmax Work space dimensions2 in mm Charging area in mm Volume Outer dimensions1 in mm Connected Electrical Weight
in °C w d h w d in l W D H load in kW connection in kg
LHT 01/17 LB Speed 1650 75 110 60 95 130 1 350 590 695 2.9 1-phase 45
LHT 02/17 LB Speed 1650 Ø 115 140 135 135 2 390 590 785 3.3 1-phase 55
1External dimensions vary when furnace is equipped with additional equipment. Dimensions on request.
2Corresponds to charge saggars with spacer